About us

Livni Plastic products was founded in 1978 as an HDPE blow molding company, over the years a plastic injection division was added along with the development of an import division that operates today under Tsabar E.L packaging.

We, at Tsabar , handle manufacturing, import, and marketing of plastic, glass, and tin packages for various markets such as pharmaceuticals, food, natural supplements, laboratories, chemicals, and cosmetics. At any given moment there are hundreds of products available in stock.

Manufacturing Our facilities operate in accordance with the ISO:9001 and HACCP standards in manufacturing plastic containers which vary in size from 5 ml to 25 L.

Import We import from the world’s leading companies, in large quantities for many years, resulting in lower costs which reflect directly on our low pricing. The high frequency of shipments and the ability to hold large inventories grants our customers stability, security, and flexibility.

Marketing From our factory in Netzer Sireni we supply products to locations across the country. We guarantee very fast supply rates from our existing inventory, quick and reliable customer service, and low minimum order quantities (as low as one pack). Our compound is extremely efficient and very suitable for parking and loading of trucks.

We believe that every customer deserves excellent service and our clientele includes well established as well as new companies of various sizes, whose orders vary from dozens to even a single product.

As a family business we seek to stay dynamic, evolve, and keep moving forward, which is why we constantly update and upgrade our  product range. We invite you to stay updated on our products through the new products section of our website, and please let us know if there is anything you are looking for that we do not have.

With over 40 years of experience we guarantee your satisfaction!